LWB Medical Care Program

Our medical care program

LWB Medical Care Program

LWB's Medical Care Program has provided surgeries and medical care for thousands of orphaned and impoverished children. Our medical program's goal is to provide the highest quality care for the children who come into our hands, with the ultimate hope that it will allow them to be chosen for adoption.

You can make a difference in the life of a child through a one-time or monthly donation to our medical care program or by sponsoring a child. Donors will receive regular updates and photos.


Sponsorship Opportunities


Surgeries and medical care

LWB funds many types of surgeries and treatment, including:

  • Heart surgery
  • Cleft lip and palate repair
  • Colorectal repairs
  • Tumor and neurologic issues
  • General surgeries, such as hernia repair and intestinal issues
  • Preemie care
  • Orthopedic care and evaluation

Medical exchanges

LWB holds medical exchanges between doctors and surgeons in the United States and physicians and hospitals in the countries where we work. Our first ever cardiac exchange trip was held in May 2018 in Anhui Province, China, and our most recent cleft exchange trip was held in Gansu Province, China. Numerous cleft exchange trips have been held over the years, helping hundreds of children receive needed cleft lip and palate surgeries.

Unity Initiative

LWB provides medical care for children from impoverished families through our Unity Initiative. One of the goals of this program, particularly in China and India, is to help prevent future abandonment by desperate families who have no way to provide the medical care their children need.

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Cardiac Initiative

LWB's Cardiac Initiative serves children and families dealing with congenital heart disease in all our country programs around the world. Our hope and goal is to create the most compassionate and caring global cardiac program, to establish centers of medical excellence for cardiac repair, and to ensure that ever child and family touched by a broken heart know that they are seen, they are not alone, and there is always hope.

LWB Medical Care Success StoryFeatured success story

Winnie from China

Winnie is the 2-year-old beloved daughter of an impoverished family in China. Her parents work far from home as migrant workers, and her grandparents pitch in to help care for her. After suffering from repeated bouts of pneumonia, Winnie was diagnosed with a Ventricular Septal Defect. Her mother stopped working and returned home to be with her daughter when her health worsened, which drastically reduced the family’s income. Coupled with the high cost of Winnie’s medical care, this quickly depleted the family’s savings. They borrowed money from family and friends to continue to pay for Winnie’s medications. When Winnie once again became ill and was urgently rushed to the doctor, surgery was recommended to close the VSD as soon as possible. The cost of the surgery was insurmountable for Winnie’s family. They applied to LWB’s Unity Initiative for help, and we were able to say yes right away.

Winnie arrived at the hospital for preoperative testing, and the results showed that the VSD was only one part of the story. Winnie had not only a VSD, but Tetralogy of Fallot, a complex heart defect, requiring a more extensive surgery. Her doctors ordered further testing and made a surgery plan for the more complicated surgery. The day of surgery finally arrived, and Winnie was taken back to the OR while her family waited anxiously. The surgery went great, and, while she did have some fevers in the days following, Winnie was back up and about ten days later. After a few more days of observation, Winnie was able to leave the hospital with her family, who are so grateful that their daughter is now healed.

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If you would like more information about sponsoring a child or sponsoring our medical program, or if you would like to get involved as a volunteer, email our Medical Care Team!

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