Success Stories

Meet Amanda

LWB Healing Homes Program Success StoryAmanda came to LWB's Starbridge Healing Home early this year, weighing just under seven pounds. She was recovering from an intestinal obstruction and was also born with congenital syphilis. Her stay at our healing home would allow her time to recover from her surgery and syphilis treatment. She has done amazingly well, and now just two months later she has gained nearly four pounds! She had a problem with a stitch in her incision giving her trouble, but once the doctor removed it she healed very quickly.

LWB Healing Homes Program Success StoryAmanda is a beautiful, happy baby who is now able to bear weight on her legs, thanks to the love and care of the healing home's wonderful nannies. She is definitely treated like the princess of the home. Amanda is also a very strong spirited little girl. She prefers formula over water; so when the nannies try to feed her water she will push the bottle away or spit the water out. She knows how to get her nannies’ attention and let them know what she wants. At times she struggles to sleep but when she does it is reported that she snores quite loudly, which the nannies find very funny. They say she snores like a "little old man." Amanda is the apple of her nanny’s eye!

LWB Healing Homes Program Success Story