Success Stories

Healing Homes Success Story - May 2015Penny: Bright Eyes and a Winning Smile

Born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, Penny entered our Anhui Healing Home in December 2014. At first, she struggled a bit with keeping formula down and with having enough strength to hold her body up. After a short time and with devoted care from the nannies at AHH, Penny was able to eat more with each feeding. She started growing stronger and gaining better control of her head and neck through tummy time. And then one day, Penny gave the biggest smile we had ever seen from her! From then on, Penny became known as a smiley baby; her bright eyes sparkled in her pictures as she continued to put on the weight she needed to get ready for her lip repair.

On March 1, Penny had surgery to repair her cleft lip. She recovered in the hospital and then returned to AHH as she continued to heal.

Healing Homes Success Story - May 2015

Penny loves to be carried around and taken outside for walks. She is engaged with those around her and loves to try to communicate with others. Although she had surgery on her lip, it didn’t take long for that winning smile to return.

Healing Homes Success Story - May 2015

Penny is such a happy baby and we are so glad that she was able to have surgery to repair her cleft lip. Even though her lip has changed from her procedure, her sparkling personality and beautiful smile are here to stay!