Success Stories

Healing Homes Success Story April 2015Beautiful Benjamin

The first photo we ever saw of little Benjamin was heart-wrenching. He was a tiny newborn, born with a bilateral cleft lip and cleft palate, and sadly he was left to be raised in orphanage care. We knew from experience that with specially trained nannies, special bottles, and nutritious formula, our team at Heartbridge would soon erase Benjamin's worried expression and replace it with a look of health and contentment. Well...that was our plan, anyway. 
Extra pounds, rounded cheeks and a healthy glow came very quickly. But it was Benjamin's perpetually furrowed brow and grumpy scowl that captured all of our hearts. What is it about a frowny face that is so endearing? 

After three months of nurturing care, Benjamin was able to have his lip repaired. Surgery was a stunning success, but there was another huge change in addition to the look of Benny's lip. The scowl was gone!

Healing Homes Success Story April 2015

Benjamin's attitude has finally been won over, and he now wears that look of inquisitive contentment we had all been waiting for. This handsome and happy little boy will be moving on to foster care soon. We wish him all the best, but we will still miss the those funny frowns!