Heartbridge Healing Home

LWB Heartbridge Healing HomeLWB's Heartbridge Healing Home opened in 2006 as our first healing home for medically fragile children. The home came to life after brainstorming on how we could provide the extra care needed by some of the children we serve. In our work we have found that many of the children we serve are underweight, have chronic infections, or simply need a higher level of care than can be provided in an orphanage setting. It is always the goal of LWB to give each child the very best care possible; so the answer to our dilemma was to create a home where children could both prepare for surgery, as well as heal afterward, in a safe, nurturing environment.

Heartbridge is located in Anhui Province and has ten beds in a loving, home-like environment. Specially trained nannies care for only two to three babies each, providing the nurture and care needed while the children wait for their surgeries. After surgery the children are returned to Heartbridge until fully healed. LWB partners with Anhui Children’s Hospital, Hefei Cardiac Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Fudan University for our major medical needs. Once fully healed children are returned to their hometowns, usually to LWB foster care, with the best possible chance of being chosen for adoption. With your help the lives of up to 30 children can be changed each year.

We Need Your Help

In order to fully fund the care the children receive in our Heartbridge Healing Home, we need several sponsors for each child. Child sponsorships are $50 per month, or $25 per month for a shared sponsorship. Each sponsor will receive a monthly update and photos of their sponsored child.

We also gratefully accept both one-time and ongoing monthly donations in any amount to support our Heartbridge Healing Home. These funds are used for the most urgent needs that arise. Monthly updates will be sent to general donors.

Thank you for partnering with us to help these wonderful children!

Email for more information on our Heartbridge Healing Home