LWB Healing Homes Program

Our healing homes program

LWB Healing Homes Program

LWB's Healing Homes Program helps orphaned and abandoned children in China and India with a wide variety of medical issues. Through this essential program, children facing medical challenges receive full-time, nurturing care.

You can make a difference in the life of a child through a one-time or monthly donation to our healing homes program or by sponsoring a child. Donors will receive regular updates and photos.

Sponsorship Opportunities


China Healing Home

LWB's China Healing Home program includes our Anhui Healing Home, located inside of a major rehabilitation hospital, and our Heartbridge Healing Home, a satellite branch near the hospital. Both locations work together to provide the best individualized care possible for each child.

  • Our Anhui Healing Home location provides physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment to children who have been identified as benefiting from additional services, as well as welcoming children from the Heartbridge location who may need care in a hospital setting.
  • Our Heartbridge Healing Home location is dedicated to helping some of China's most medically fragile orphaned children. Specialized care allows them to gain weight and strength before life-saving operations and to recover post-op in a safe and loving environment. The children are monitored closely by medical staff and receive the highest level of care available.

Pari Healing Home in India

LWB helps children with HIV who have been abandoned or relinquished through this full-time care project. The children receive not only the medical care and nutrition needed, but also emotional and educational support to improve the quality of their lives.

Due to the sensitive nature of the children's histories in LWB's Pari Healing Home, photos will not include their faces. However sponsors will know they are making a real difference in these children's lives by providing them a safe and caring environment, allowing these deserving children to grow and thrive.

LWB Healing Homes Success StoryFeatured success story

Ruth from China

In an orphanage setting, babies born with cleft lip and palate can quickly suffer from malnourishment due to the lack of time the staff has to dedicate to feeding just one child among so many. At just two months old, Ruth was not even ten pounds when she arrived in the arms of her Anhui Healing Home nanny. She had an unrepaired cleft lip and palate and needed a little time to catch up on her nutritional needs. Within a couple of months, she was cleared for her lip repair surgery and sailed through it successfully. Her nanny met Ruth's every need for health and comfort while she was recovering from surgery.

Since the time her lip was healed, Ruth's focus has been on growing, learning, and hitting developmental milestones at a normal pace. She has learned to crawl, walk, climb, and share toys (and steal them back too). She has outsmarted her nanny by learning to climb furniture and push stools over near items that can't be climbed themselves. Ruth can play hide-and-seek and "read" her picture books. She has grown to love her baths, but that love does not transcend over to strangers.

Ruth has flourished in healing home care and is now a big 2-year-old girl. Thanks to her team of faithful sponsors, she has had very few cares in her little world. We hope that Ruth's journey will intersect very soon with a family of her very own who will enjoy her antics and celebrate each and every new accomplishment.

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If you would like more information about sponsoring a child or sponsoring our healing homes program, or if you would like to get involved as a volunteer, email our Healing Homes Team!

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