Success Stories

LWB Foster Care Program - July 2015Mateo

Handsome and happy Mateo is a four-year-old boy diagnosed with Down Syndrome who currently lives in our Tongren foster care program.

Mateo is also able to attend school during the week supported through our education program.

Mateo lives with his foster parents and his younger foster sister Mireia. Mateo and Mireia have become best of friends and they like to play outside. They can be very silly together and often will make funny faces and pose for our foster care manager!

Mateo is described as a cheerful little boy who loves to attend school. Our foster care manager wrote once in her report that, "Mateo's happiness infects everyone around him!" Mateo is in charge of checking his foster family's chicken for eggs everyday after school. Mateo is said to become frustrated with the chicken when she has not laid an egg! Mateo takes his responsibilities very seriously and will often go check on the chickens when he is home.

LWB Foster Care Success Story - July 2015

Mateo has thrived with his foster family and through attending school. We are so proud of him for all the progress he has made!

LWB Foster Care Success Story - July 2015

Mateo's adoption file has been prepared and he is waiting to be chosen for adoption. What infectious joy Mateo could bring to a family!