Success Stories

LWB Education Program Success StoryWe are so proud of Yuan Yuan. She is a high school student in LWB's Anhui Secondary and Higher Education Program. That is reason enough for us to be excited about her accomplishments, but she surprised us recently by winning third place at the Outlook English Talent Competition! Yuan Yuan competed against hundreds of students from across Anhui Province, and her excellent English skills helped her earn this great honor. She played the ukelele, introduced herself, gave a speech about love and responsibility, and answered questions from the judges about playing the ukelele and how she expresses her love and helps others.

We are not the only ones who are thrilled about Yuan Yuan's latest accomplishment. Her mother is, of course, also very proud of her daughter. Yuan Yuan and her mother have had a difficult time over the past several years since Yuan Yuan's father died five years ago. Yuan Yuan's mother works hard to support their small family. LWB Education Program Success StoryUnfortunately they have been living in a small home next to a chemical fertilizer plant. This is what they can afford, but the surroundings are noisy and unhealthy. Yuan Yuan's mother takes her daughter back and forth to school by bike, about 50 minutes each way. Her dedication to her daughter's education is making a difference. Yuan Yuan has overcome many obstacles to be able to win the English competition, and we can't wait to see what she accomplishes next!