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Liupanshui School Nutrition

Liupanshui School Nutrition

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Liupanshui School Nutrition
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Adequate nutrition is important for the success of students at the LWB Believe In Me Schools. Nutrition positively influences a student’s cognitive development in school and helps improve both academic learning and in-school behavior.

Providing optimal nutrition leading up to the school years and continuing to do so throughout a child’s life will prepare a child for a lifetime of learning.  Ensuring students receive nutrient rich, kid-friendly food will help develop a healthy pathway to support a child’s learning in school.  With a full tummy, students are free to concentrate on school rather than worry about when their next meal will be.   

Our hope for the students of all LWB’s Believe In Me Schools is to have the brightest future possible.  Good nutrition during their school years is vitally important for them to grow strong, establish healthy habits, and do well in the classroom.  LWB supporters are able to provide this essential nutrition to help these students succeed in school and in life.

With the help of many generous sponsors, Love Without Boundaries is able to provide a variety of healthy foods to these children through its nutrition program.  Currently we are seeking sponsors to help fund a school nutrition program in our newest school in Liupanshui, Guizhou.    Won’t you consider helping children such as Nan, a wonderful boy in the Believe in Me receive adequate nutrition and tummy filling foods?

For $20/month you can continue to encourage growth, wellness & happiness in Nan and his friends, while receiving quarterly updates on the group!