Special Projects

Education Special ProjectsThe Classroom Project

LWB's newest project is designed to help orphanages set up classrooms with equipment and supplies, provide Montessori training for the teachers, and then let the orphanage run the school on their own. Teachers at both the Pingliang orphanage in Gansu and the Fuyang orphanage in Anhui have now received their training, and the classrooms are now well supplied and set up.  We will send teachers our monthly Teacher Newsletter to help them with curriculum ideas and activities as well as information and suggestions for dealing with different student needs. In addition, we will be doing additional teacher training with these schools during the summer of 2015.

Life Skills Project

LWB's Education Program is beginning a new Life Skills project. It is our objective to help older children to learn basic life skills and how to become an integral part of their communities. Some topics covered will be communication skills, social skills and manners, work ethic, basic sex education, etc. If you have a special desire to help these older children and would like to partner with us to watch them grow and succeed in life, please consider making a donation for this very important project.

A Lifetime of Smiles Dental Care

While the orphanages provide medical care, food and shelter for the children, dental care is not a frequent practice in most orphanages. Without the proper care for their teeth, the children are more likely to have dental issues as they get older or even more severe health issues that can be caused by poor dental hygiene. Seeing this need, we were excited to start our Lifetime of Smiles Dental Care Program in our BIM schools! The students have been learning that their teeth matter. They are learning the importance of dental hygiene and are brushing their teeth daily as a part of their school day. While this does not solve all of their dental problems, we are hoping that some preventative care will go a long way to giving these amazing children a lifetime of smiles.

School Nutrition

This program provides much needed supplemental nutrition to students in LWB's Believe in Me schools to improve their well-being and help them do better in school. Our program locations and updates can be seen at the Latest News link below. Your monthly sponsorship or one-time donation in any amount will make a real difference in the lives of the students at these schools.

Teacher Training

LWB has dedicated teaching staff in all of our schools. Each year our teachers attend training sessions, such as Montessori training in Beijing, to learn how to best teach and help their students. Most recently LWB sent four American teachers to meet with teachers from all of our Believe in Me schools. At these sessions teachers have the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn new methods. The students are often sad when school closes for their teachers to receive professional development, but they are always happy when their teachers return with new knowledge and ideas.

Financial support for teacher training is critical so that our teachers can receive the best training possible. Our teachers are committed to their students, and we are equally dedicated to them as professionals.

Email for more information on any of our education special projects