Open Doors for Tomorrow

Through LWB's work in rural Uganda, we have been privileged to meet and provide healing care for many children. Often critical medical conditions or debilitating pain have prevented these children from attending school. Other times poverty and loss have made education an impossible dream. At Love Without Boundaries, we are committed to caring for the whole child, and we believe in the transformative power of education to open doors and create a brighter tomorrow. Will you please join us in raising the funds for tuition, school supplies, uniforms and food staples for the children we support through our Uganda Education fund?

We need your help to raise $8,000 this week for children like:

Grace, who was treated for abdominal tumors. This amazing young woman has not only returned to school but has excelled and is at the top of her class. Her siblings Rosemary and Hudson had never been able to attend school, and we are honored to sponsor their education as well.

Zane was left a true orphan after the death of his mother and father, and yet he continued to work extremely hard in school. His hard work paid off and he was recently accepted into a competitive nursing program; however he has no way to pay his tuition. We are proud to stand with Zane, investing in his future and the impact it will have on his community.

Children like Moses, who suffered with a painful hernia for 12 years before we learned of his condition and paid for his surgery, need your help to go to school for the first time in his life.

Or kids like precious Mary Martha, who had heart surgery last year. After a life of falling ill and feeling so very weak that she could not stand for any length of time, she is now walking, playing and attending school.

And children like Thomas, who suffered unspeakable trauma and loss and was left completely on his own at a young age. He was referred to us for education support in the hope that he might have a chance for a happier life. We are so pleased to report that Thomas is learning, growing, and even smiling these days.

We cannot do this work without amazing donors, and we need your help to provide a brighter future for these children and others. Will you please join us in opening doors for tomorrow and bringing hope through education to some very special children.

Donate for Uganda Education