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Mission to Heal: Hernia Surgeries for Ugandan Children

UPDATE: A very generous donor has stepped forward to help us meet our goal of providing 100 waiting children with hernia repair surgeries by offering a $5,000 matching gift. Please consider making your gift today to double your impact.

Since Love Without Boundaries’ work began in Uganda in 2016, we have remained committed to providing quality surgical care to as many children as possible. Ugandan children sometimes wait years for medically necessary procedures, such as hernia repairs, as many families are unable to afford the cost of even a minor surgery, and medical resources are often extremely limited.  

young Ugandan girl in orange and white striped dress

Love Without Boundaries is holding a medical mission next week to provide hernia surgeries for children like 3-year-old Glory (shown above), who have been waiting for care. We are working to provide 100 children with the hernia surgeries they need to live normal, healthy and pain-free lives. You can be a part of this life-altering work by giving a donation of $200 to fully fund a child’s surgery or a donation of $40 for a care package, which includes a mosquito net, t-shirt, toy, and blanket. Your donation in any amount is always appreciated and will help us reach our goal of providing surgeries to 100 children during this life-changing surgery mission.

Some other children waiting for surgery and needing your help are (in order shown), Steven, age 4; Alex, age 8; Rashida, age 7; and Dennis, age 9.

Will you please consider helping us to fund all 100 children by the start of next week? We cannot do this work without your help. We are grateful for your support and this community that has brought hope and healing to so many children over the years. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!