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LWB started a toddler class at its Believe in Me Huainan School in fall 2013 to encourage healthy development in the younger children. Children are encouraged to develop gross and fine motor skills, and developmental milestones are tracked to help ensure these children are on track. This attentive preschool environment gives orphaned toddlers at the Huainan orphanage the right start.

LWB is grateful to partner with KidStuff, a kid-powered philanthropy organization that works to make a little difference, to support these young children at the Believe in Me Huainan School. KidStuff supporters can:

  • Send your message of encouragement and optional donation to: KidStuff, P.O. Box 3102, Catonsville, MD 21228
    Indicate KidStuff - Believe in Me Huainan School with your donation.

  • Donate online
    Your donation in any amount will be greatly appreciated. Include your message of encouragement in the Notes section of your donation.

Thank you for helping make a little difference through KidStuff's Lanterns of Love project. Personal messages of encouragement were placed on paper hearts and delivered with Chinese paper lanterns to the students at LWB's Believe in Me Huainan School. See photos here of the children with their "lanterns of love."

See KidStuff's website to learn more about how these amazing kids are making a little... and not so little... difference in the lives of children in need.


KidStuff has raised $2,915!