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Get InvolvedDo you want to help change the lives of children in China? We believe that there are many ways to get involved, and all are important.

Some people choose to give their funds, some their time, some their talents, and still others their prayers. We are so grateful to everyone who supports our work. Please see below for some ways you can help. We also have provided some frequently asked questions on getting involved with our work in China.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a difference in the lives of orphaned children in China?

We love our volunteers. See below for information about volunteering with LWB.

We are always in need of donations to support our programs and work in China. You can make a one-time donation to any of our programs or you can commit to helping a child monthly, such as sponsoring their education or foster care. When you give to LWB, you can rest assured that we all work every day to keep our overhead low that so every penny possible reaches the kids. We also have local managers in China who check on the children and our programs, ensuring that your donations are changing lives.

How can I volunteer with LWB?

LWB is primarily a volunteer run organization with over 150 volunteers working to change the lives of orphaned children in China. If you have dedicated time to give and a heart for children, we would love to talk with you about joining our team.

Can I volunteer to work in an orphanage in China?

LWB does not set up mission trips for groups wishing to work inside Chinese orphanages. All of our programs are run by Chinese staff on the ground, in partnership with orphanage officials. They are not set up for work teams. However if you are going to be in Hefei and wish to visit our Anhui Cleft Healing Home, email us about visiting and meeting the babies. LWB does send medical teams to China occasionally. If you are an expert in physical or occupational therapy or in another medical field, you can email us to find out which trips we have coming up next. Volunteers on our medical missions pay for all of their own costs to travel.

Does LWB accept donations such as clothing or school supplies?

LWB no longer accepts donations of items that must be shipped to China. Due to customs regulations, clothing items cannot be shipped from international locations to China. These items are subject to quarantine, fines, and disposal costs. Additionally, rather than paying postage costs, we can purchase almost every item needed directly in China. We have contracts with manufacturers, and our China staff take care of purchasing items for orphanages. It is much more cost effective to purchase items locally. We do accept donations of new cleft bottles. Please email for more information on how you can donate these life-saving bottles to orphanages throughout China. We also accept donations of wheelchairs, posterior walkers, bumbo seats, and other therapy items not easily purchased in China. We send these items to China with volunteers who are traveling to save on shipping costs.

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