Get Involved

Give your financial support

Get Involved

Become a monthly sponsor to a child in our programs or give a one-time donation to make a real difference for the kids. Hold a fundraiser with your family and friends. Check if your employer has a matching gift program. You will receive regular updates on how your support is making a difference.


Sponsor a child


Employer matching gifts

Give your time

Get Involved

We're always accepting applications for new volunteers to help with our many program areas. From monitoring children's progress to writing thank you cards to updating sponsors, our volunteers play critical roles each day.


Give your heart

Get Involved

Help spread the word that millions of children around the world need someone to believe in them. There are so many ways to get involved and help vulnerable children have a brighter future. Here are some ideas.

If you have other ideas, questions, or ways we can work together, please contact us.