Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Love Without Boundaries an adoption agency?

No, but we are committed adoption advocates. LWB is a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid to orphaned and impoverished children in China. As such we do not place children from China for adoption. If you are interested in Chinese adoption, email us for resources and more information on the process.

Can I sponsor a child whom I am adopting?

In accordance with Hague and CCCWA regulations on pre-adoption contact and updates, LWB will decline a prospective adoptive parent's request to sponsor the child they have been matched with and offer them the option to sponsor another child who also needs support. Thank you for your understanding!

Does LWB accept donations such as clothing or school supplies?

LWB no longer accepts donations of items that must be shipped to China. Due to customs regulations, clothing items cannot be shipped from international locations to China. These items are subject to quarantine, fines, and disposal costs. Additionally, rather than paying postage costs, we can purchase almost every item needed directly in China. We have contracts with manufacturers, and our China staff takes care of purchasing items for orphanages. It is much more cost effective to purchase items locally.

Can I volunteer to work in an orphanage in China?

LWB does not set up mission trips for groups wishing to work inside Chinese orphanages. All of our programs are run by Chinese staff on the ground, in partnership with orphanage officials. They are not set up for work teams. LWB does send medical teams to China occasionally. If you are an expert in physical or occupational therapy or in another medical field, you can email us to find out what trips we have coming up. Volunteers on our medical missions pay for all of their own travel costs.

Can LWB help me visit an orphanage?

LWB does not arrange orphanage visits, and we do not arrange for outside organizations to do mission work in China.

What are donations to your general fund used for?

Donations to our general fund are used to help children in all of our programs. Many times we have unexpected needs arise, and general funds are used to help make up the difference. For example, sometimes a surgery costs more than originally anticipated, or perhaps a foster child needs medicine for an illness. General fund donations are used wherever there is the greatest need.

What happens when the child I am sponsoring is adopted?

You will be notified that the child is no longer sponsored by LWB and given the choice to sponsor a new child or have your sponsorship canceled.

How do I cancel my sponsorship or update my account information for my sponsorship payments?

Call us at (405) 216-5837 or email us to cancel or make changes to a sponsorship, including updating account information. Please do not email credit card or financial information.

How can your overhead be so low with so many programs?

Our overhead has consistently been under 10%. We make a conscious effort every day to get every penny possible to the children in need. We know our donors have placed their trust in us, and we want to be good stewards of their funds as we know they are given with great care and concern for orphaned children in China.

If my adopted child is in an LWB program, can I get updated photos and information?

In accordance with Hague and CCCWA regulations on pre-adoption contacts and updates, we are unable to provide updates until your adoption is finalized. Once you are home with your new child, we will gladly provide you with any photos and reports on your child at no cost. Please complete and submit our Request for Child Information form.

When I sponsor a child, am I the only one helping or are there multiple sponsors for the same child?

All of our LWB programs are run in a transparent manner because we want our donors to know they are directly impacting the lives of children. The answer to this question varies between programs, but we always let our sponsors know if more than one sponsor is needed. For example, our foster care program requires three to four sponsors due to rising inflation in China and because we have hired local managers to visit the children monthly. Our healing homes require multiple sponsors to meet the running costs of the homes. Most of our education programs have three sponsors per child. Our medical program often has multiple sponsors  as it often takes many donors giving small amounts to fund surgeries. We always stop asking for sponsors when a child is fully funded. Email us if you have any questions about our sponsorships.

Is it possible for me to adopt a specific child I have seen on your website?

Pre-identification of children for adoption is normally not allowed. We always request the orphanages we work with to submit the adoption files for the children we help. Those files are then sent to the China Center for Child Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA), and they then place the children on a waiting children list made available to adoption agencies. If you would like more information on waiting child adoption, please email us for a list of agencies who help place children with special needs. Some parents who have fallen in love with specific children have been successful in locating those children on waiting child lists. Unfortunately LWB cannot assist in those efforts.

How can I volunteer with Love Without Boundaries?

We appreciate your interest in volunteering with LWB and would welcome your Volunteer Application. Some additional suggestions on ways to help can be found on our Get Involved page.