Why Donate?

Why DonateQuite simply, because Love Without Boundaries is changing lives. Additionally:

  • LWB takes accountability very seriously. For the majority of our programs, we have local managers and monitors who visit the children every month, making sure that the children are progressing and making sure your donations are used exactly as intended. All receipts are verified in China before being sent to the U.S. for auditing as well. Accountability

  • While many charities might just send a single thank you, LWB wants all of our donors to know exactly how their funds are changing lives. For our healing homes and foster care programs, our donors get monthly updates on their sponsored child, with photos and reports. Our education and orphanage assistance programs send quarterly reports. Our medical program sends regular updates to donors on the children healed for one full year after surgery. We want you to stay informed, and we want you to realize that when you give to LWB, your donation doesn’t disappear into a “black hole.” It goes to help children, and we continue to follow those children closely.

  • LWB works very hard at keeping our administrative overhead as low as possible. Over 185 people work each day as volunteers to run our programs, as well as a small team of paid staff to oversee all administrative and financial matters. We want every penny possible to go to help children in need.

  • LWB always attempts to treat the “whole child,” meaning that if a child is in our foster care program but has medical or nutritional needs, then our other program areas become involved as well. Our goal is for every child in our programs to be able to reach his or her fullest potential.

  • We insist on the highest ethical standards for every program we run. If we discover a project we are running isn’t providing results or truly helping children, we are not afraid to reevaluate and ask what changes are needed. We do not tolerate corruption and have stopped working with certain orphanages that do not have the children’s interests first and foremost.

  • We tell the truth. Now this might seem like a given for charitable work, but we’ve sadly learned that sometimes it is not. We give real prices for surgeries and explain clearly how much is needed for programs like our schools and foster care. We are always open to explaining what costs we incur in our work in China. If you donate to a child’s surgery, for example, you will be updated on that specific child, and you can know your funds went to help him or her. If for any reason that child does not need surgery, we will contact you so that you can help another. We all work very hard to stay in contact with our donors and to make sure you know that your funds are being used EXACTLY as intended.

  • We never take our donors for granted. We know that NONE of our programs work without your help, and so we want you to feel connected. If you ever have questions or fail to get a report or update, we want to hear from you. We will do everything possible to make sure that when you give your hard earned dollars, you know they made a very real difference.

  • We set clear goals for each of our programs and evaluate the results of those goals regularly. Goals and Results

  • You DO have the power to change a life forever – and LWB wants to help you make it happen!