Why Cambodia?


Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in Asia following the brutal genocide by the Khmer Rouge, when almost two million people lost their lives.

In the rural villages where LWB is now working, many children have little access to medical care or quality education. 

More than 75% of the children in one village we are helping suffer from chronic malnutrition, and without intervention more than half won’t finish primary school. Childhood health suffers greatly as access to medical services and clean water is difficult in the rural regions. Illiteracy, child labor and trafficking are sadly common.

LWB has made a commitment to the children in several rural villages along the border region with the following initiatives:

  • Establishing village Believe in Me schools so all children can have access to education
  • Implementing a daily hot lunch program for those in our schools
  • Providing loving foster care for children who are orphaned or who have suffered the trauma of trafficking
  • Delivering pediatric medical services to those with unmet needs
  • Providing secondary and higher education opportunities to rural teens

Every child in this region deserves the most basic rights of education, medical care, and good nutrition. Great changes for both villages are happening as we come together to show these beautiful children just how much we care about their lives. Sponsorship opportunities can be found at our program sponsorship pages.