2018 Cleft Exchange

Cleft Exchange

Cleft Exchange Donation             50 of 50 Children Funded - Thank You!

You Got a Smile So Bright: The 2018 Cleft Medical Exchange

This year's LWB Cleft Exchange begins on November 25th and goes through November 30th. A team of doctors, nurses, and volunteers from the US will be collaborating with the Chinese medical team in Lanzhou, Gansu to provide cleft lip and palate surgeries for at least 50 children, many of whom are from impoverished families from Gansu Province. (Sweet Sierra from a previous year's cleft exchange is shown above with her proud mother.) Our team members in China and the hospital have been working to pre-identify children for the exchange. Once the US team arrives, each child will be evaluated to determine if they meet the criteria necessary for surgery. Since we won't know the final surgical roster until that time, we are requesting donations for the surgeries rather than listing specific children. Once the children have been selected for surgery, sponsors will be matched with a child. We are offering the following sponsorship opportunities:

  • Full surgery sponsorship at $1,000
  • Half surgery sponsorship at $500
  • Donations in any amount will also be gratefully accepted and added together to sponsor a surgery

All sponsors will receive updates and photos of the children helped. Join with us to make a lifelong difference in a child's life at this year's Cleft Exchange. Your donation will bring the gift of healing to babies and children with cleft needs and demonstrate our shared belief that "Every Child Counts."