LWB - Little Hearts Medical 2018 Cardiac Exchange

Cardiac Exchange Donation

Worldwide over one million children each year are born with heart defects. While incredible breakthroughs in cardiothoracic surgery have allowed a growing number of children to survive, access to cardiac healthcare around the globe remains a challenge, especially for children who are orphaned or impoverished.

Little Hearts MedicalLove Without Boundaries and Little Hearts Medical are both fully committed to improving access to the highest quality medical care for these vulnerable children. We’re excited to announce an upcoming joint international medical exchange in partnership with Hefei Cardiac Hospital in Anhui, China.

Anhui province is home to 60 million people (equivalent to the entire population of Great Britain), with over 50 government orphanages taking in children born with a wide variety of medical needs. Our goal in setting up an international partnership between Hefei Cardiac Hospital and top cardiac specialists around the world is to advance pediatric cardiac care through education and meaningful collaboration. Our first cardiac exchange in Hefei will be led by Dr. Stephen Langley and Dr. Jeremy Ringewald from St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida. Life-saving heart surgeries will take place from May 18th through May 21st. Our hope is that this initial exploratory trip will lead to larger cardiac exchanges in the coming year.

GageOne of the babies our team will be helping is three-month-old Gage, from an orphanage in western Anhui. We are currently raising funds for his surgery costs during the trip and would be so grateful for your help. We will also be providing surgery for children whose impoverished parents have no possible means of covering the costs of their child’s medical care. We believe that helping these often desperate families is one of the most impactful ways of preventing children from entering orphanage care in the first place.

Usually our medical trips are planned six months to a year in advance, but everything has come together perfectly for this important cardiac exchange to happen this month. We would love for you to be a part of this exciting new medical collaboration. Donations of any amount are needed to cover the children’s surgery costs. Can you help us heal their hearts?

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