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Unity Initiative 2022: A Flurry of Hope

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2022 began in a flurry of hope, thanks to supporters of our Unity Initiative. Our Unity Initiative exists to support impoverished families who are unable to provide medical care for their children.  Without this program, many families in rural China would be unable to get their children the treatment they need.

Alice suffered from coughs and colds for most of her first four years of life until she was finally diagnosed with a VSD heart defect that needed to be surgically closed. Her shocked family borrowed from friends and relatives but were unable to scrape together enough to fund the surgery. Thankfully, someone told them about our Unity Initiative, and they applied for assistance. It was our pleasure to say “YES — we will stand with you!”

In February, Alice arrived at the hospital, and she underwent successful surgery to repair her heart. She recovered beautifully and was able to return home in time to celebrate the Lunar New Year at home.

Fernando, aged 1.5, was diagnosed with pulmonary stenosis and a VSD heart defect. His mother had been through serious trauma, having lost her first husband and unborn baby in a terrible accident. When she and her second husband found tiny Fernando bundled in their doorway, she thought he was a gift from God. They made plans to adopt him.

Fernando’s diagnosis of congenital heart disease came as a terrible surprise, but his parents held onto hope that he could be healed through surgery.

Fernando was suffering from a lung infection when he came to the hospital and received surgery once he recovered. He was understandably fussy during his recovery period, but his parents felt nothing but relief that he was healed.

They told us that they could “put their hearts down” and were overjoyed to take their beloved son home with them to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Tiger.

Now, meet two children who are waiting for Unity Initiative funding to come in before we can move them for their surgeries: Millie and Opal.

Millie was born to an extremely poor farming family, and her birth brought them great joy despite the difficult circumstances of their life. When Millie was just one month old, her observant granny noticed that her breathing seemed difficult and brought her to the hospital where doctors confirmed that she has a serious heart defect requiring surgery.

The costs of the surgery were astronomical to this poor family who have practically no education and are besieged with illness and injuries. Millie’s father wrote, ” While I was feeling helpless and didn’t know what to do, I heard LWB could offer some funding assistance to my family. This gives me some hope. I herein write and plead with you to extend your helpful hand to help my poor child.” We’re currently working to raise $2,905 for Millie’s heart surgery.

When Opal was born with a congenital cleft lip and palate, her family was dismayed and concerned for her health. But, as her father wrote, “What we want is happiness for her future.”

Opal’s parents had to borrow a large sum of money to pay the wedding dowry and have been unable to save enough to afford their precious daughter’s cleft repair surgery. We’re working to raise $1,700 to help them cover the costs.

For these impoverished families who love their children and want the very best for them, our Unity Initiative offers hope. As we stand with these families in hope, we would be so grateful for your support.

  • Donate to help Millie have heart surgery
  • Donate to help Opal have cleft surgery

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