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Top 10 Photos of 2021: Honorable Mentions

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At the end of every year, we love to reflect on our most memorable photos and moments. 2021 may have had its challenges, but in many ways it was an epic year for LWB…one in which we were able to help even more children and families in need. As 2021 comes to a close, we hope you’ll enjoy this teaser of our Top 10 Photos of 2021 by checking out our three wonderful Honorable Mentions!

2021 was definitely a year of emergency food relief for at-risk children in the countries where we work. We couldn’t resist including this photo of three adorable sisters, because the little girl on the left was just so tickled that our team members in Uganda delivered rice, beans, and other nutrition supplies. Through October of this year, LWB has provided essential food supplies to over 10,000 people in Uganda alone. Hooray for full tummies!

Our Safe Haven foster care program in Cambodia provides a safe and secure place where children who have been trafficked or severely abused can heal in a family setting. Usually, children rescued from these situations are placed into shelters, but we believe healing can be found in individual homes instead. Because trauma is stored in the body in many different ways, we look at each child in foster care and help them discover their best way to “find calmness.” For some, it is through activities like art or sports; while others, like 8-year-old Beckham, embrace the opportunity to have a pet as a best friend. We love this photo of Beckham holding his new puppy. He takes the responsibility of caring for his dog very seriously, teaching him new tricks and making sure he has food each day.

Okay, so this photo doesn’t have any children in it; but we had to include it as an Honorable Mention because we know you’ll agree that these grandparents in Guatemala are just too cute together. They were overjoyed to see our team arrive with emergency food support this fall, as hunger had sadly become a constant during the pandemic. The smiles on their faces at receiving this unexpected gift definitely touched our hearts.

We invite you to visit our website to see all of our Top 10 Photos of 2021.

Also, remember that there are only 4 days left in 2021 to make a year-end gift to LWB. We appreciate your ongoing support at the end of the year and always. Please know…everything we do for the children is possible Because of YOU!

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