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Three Months After Heart Surgery: A Joyful Update

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The last time we wrote about these six precious children, they had arrived home to Uganda following heart repair surgeries in India just in time for Christmas. We are so excited to share with you how each of them has been doing since their heart surgeries in India three months ago. They are all growing and thriving!

Devon is full of smiles these days. Before her heart surgery, she used to sleep restlessly but now she sleeps well at night and is full of energy in the morning.

With all of her newfound energy, Devon enjoys dancing to music all day long. She also has a big appetite, and her favorite foods include rice and meat. Her parents are so happy that she was given a second chance at life.

Jeremiah is healthy and doing well. His favorite past times these days include football, “driving” cars, and playing with toys.

Before his heart surgery, Jeremiah was often sick but now he is healthy and enjoying being an active little boy. Since Jeremiah’s heart has been healed and is strong now, he will be having his cleft lip repaired this coming week.

Joyce had swelling in her fingers prior to her heart repair surgery, but now her fingers have returned to normal since her circulation has improved. Her mom shared that she used to eat only a little, but now she has a big appetite and is growing stronger every day.

This week, Joyce will be traveling to a hospital in Uganda with her friend Jeremiah where she will have surgery to reverse a colostomy.

Keri Annabel can now pull herself up and enjoys standing to play.

She’s gaining weight, and her stamina has increased. Go Keri Annabel!

Lianah is a happy little girl. Her appetite has soared now that she feels well enough to eat her meals.

Since returning home after her heart surgery, Lianah has become a big sister!

Before her surgery, Sallie was weak and not strong enough to sit up. Now that she has had time to heal from her heart surgery, she has learned how to sit up on her own for an entire hour.

Her parents are so proud of Sallie, and we are too.

Between now and March 28, we will be working to raise funds for four more special children from Uganda to travel to India to receive surgery for their complex heart defects. Transformations like the ones we witnessed last year are proof that these surgeries are life-changing in every way for these children and their grateful families!

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