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Three Brothers, Together Again in Foster Care

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For a young child, the gift of a loving family is truly invaluable. In a perfect world, every child would be able to be raised within their biological family, but that is, unfortunately, not always a viable option. In these instances, the role of foster care becomes key. A loving foster care family provides stability, love, and a feeling of belonging for children whose biological families are no longer living or who are unable to provide for them due to any number of circumstances.  

Our work in India includes efforts to support twenty children in true, family-based foster care. We hope that this program will benefit not only these twenty children but many others as the success stories of family foster care are shared across India, encouraging others to take action to start similar initiatives.

When Jalen and Kyler, two brothers, arrived in foster care, they hadn’t been regularly attending school because they had been helping to earn money in a brick factory. The two boys were immediately welcomed and loved by their new foster parents and enrolled in school.

Jalen shared with us that he had always dreamed of being able to get an education, and enrolling in school was his dream coming true.  Last year, each child drew a picture to wish LWB a “Happy New Year” – and Jalen’s artwork portrayed a family standing in a home. Having a family and a home is something he is obviously celebrating!

Jalen’s young brother Kyler loves to take care of animals. Just a few months into his time in foster care, Kyler shared that he was building a home for a sparrow out of branches and leaves. When asked why he was doing this, he responded, “We have a home where we live together. Why shouldn’t the birds also live with their baby birds?”

Now, over a year later, we still hear reports of how Kyler loves to take care of his birds! He gives them lots of love and bamboo baskets for nesting. Kyler’s love and kind heart shine through in his care of animals. Even better is knowing that his foster family loves him so much that he can share his extra love with animals! 

Jalen and Kyler’s youngest brother, Lawson, was too young to join them in foster care when they first arrived since India’s laws require children to be at least 6 years old before coming to foster care.  Lawson continued to stay with biological family up until late last year when tragedy struck and his family member passed away. Thankfully, Jalen and Kyler were already established in a foster care home, and the foster parents graciously welcomed the youngest brother, Lawson, as well. Now the three boys can be together – living as brothers should – in a family. 

Lawson is adapting well to his new home. He was especially thrilled when LWB gave each child a gift at the beginning of the new year.  Lawson had never received a gift before – this was a dream of his — and his excited smile says it all!

These three brothers are together once more, living happily as part of a family.

To continue their care, we need your support. Please consider becoming a sponsor to Jalen, Kyler, or Lawson, or make a one-time gift to support foster care in India.

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