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The Hidden Dangers of Bare Feet

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Throughout this week, we have shared our Give Shoes campaign with you. We discussed the fact that many children and adults in Uganda go without shoes simply because they cannot afford to purchase them. 

Child with bare feet in Uganda

Going barefoot, while all too common, is more than uncomfortable. It is actually an unsafe practice. Not wearing shoes means exposure to foot injury and infection, and it also leads to serious diseases and infestations of the foot. 

Barefoot boy in Uganda

Some common foot problems include parasitic infections, such as jiggers and worms, bacterial, and fungal infections.

child's diseased foot

Another foot disease, podoconiosis, is caused by irritant volcanic soil and results in elephantiasis. 

These foot issues become extremely painful over time and may require intensive treatment or even surgery. Another hidden danger is that those who are afflicted often do not understand the cause of their foot disease, and therefore they may not seek treatment. 

Whether due to shame or the physical pain of the foot affliction, individuals cannot go to school, help with household chores, or work to support the family. They may even be shunned by their own communities.

We’re pleased to have raised 60% of our goal so far this week during our Give Shoes campaign, but we still need your help to purchase 2,000 pairs of new shoes. More funds raised means more shoes for kids in need. A $20 gift provides a child with a durable pair of shoes that adjusts up to 5 sizes and lasts for 5 years.

The Shoe That Grows

Your gift will provide better health and safety for impoverished children.

Five children in Uganda with new shoes

We appreciate the amazing support of this community and thank you for making it possible to bring hope and healing to vulnerable children around the world.

Give Shoes to Help Children in Uganda
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