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The Gift of Family: India Foster Care

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So many times, things that are “normal” or “routine” can be taken for granted or overlooked. The gift of a family is no different. 

Consider a child’s life without a family to support him or her. 

Consider a child’s life being more of a number than a valuable person with a name. 

Consider a child’s life without a family to provide a sense of belonging.

For a child, the benefits of a family are both innumerable and unquantifiable.

Three children India foster care

These invaluable benefits are why we are so incredibly thankful to be working in India to provide foster family support for children who have been relinquished and surrendered to the state.  

Tiffany was new to foster care last year. Her foster mother often asks her what she’d like to eat for dinner and then makes the requested items.  On several occasions, Tiffany has expressed how this simple, considerate gesture makes her smile and feel loved. 

Girl with bike

Tiffany also now has two foster sisters who help her to learn new things – both educational subjects as well as recreational things like riding a bike. She’s also learning new things from her foster grandmother who often tells the family stories from her life. Tiffany said that her foster family doesn’t have a TV in the home, and she finds her grandmother’s stories and the lessons she is learning from the stories to be a great replacement!

Aaron has found similar love and joy from his foster home placement. His foster father helps Aaron with his studies, has taught him how to ride a bike, and reads him stories each night as he goes to sleep to help him to have sweet dreams. This support is coupled with the fun and laughter that happens around the house with his four foster brothers (each of whom is receiving the same loving care from the mom and dad of the home).  

Boy with bird

What a blessing this family is to Aaron, and what a blessing Aaron is to this family!

Sophie and Selah are two biological sisters who have found great refuge and love in their foster home. When they arrived in foster care, both sisters were weak and in poor health. Thanks to their loving foster mother who diligently ensured they took medicines and ate plenty of nutritious food and healthy drinks, both girls were nursed to full health.

These sisters have been in foster care for over two years now, and it’s been exciting to watch their individual personalities and interests emerge. Now that they feel loved and secure and stable, they can focus on being kids — having fun with friends and working hard in their studies. Sophie, the younger of the two, is a social butterfly who loves to have fun and is full of smiles. Selah is very focused on her education. She works hard and excels in her studies. This bright girl recently had the highest marks in her class, placing first in three subjects!

We are working to find 20 new sponsorships, or $10,000, so we can fully fund this life-changing India foster care program for the coming year. Please consider giving the gift of family to a child today.

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