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Hope for Children at the Landfill: Riley

This week, we are working to provide hope and education to 78 impoverished children living at a rural landfill in Cambodia. Twelve-year-old Riley is one of the many precious children whom we found living at a landfill site near our programs in western Cambodia. Years ago, Riley’s parents had left her in the care of […]

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20 Years of Hope: Ian

Little Ian came into our care under difficult circumstances. He was born in Uganda in the spring of 2015, and sadly, his mother left when he was just four months old. Ian continued living with his father in a rented home, but around the time of his first birthday, Ian’s father disappeared from his life. […]

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Empower Me Teen: Kathryn

This week, we are working to raise funds to allow 120 vulnerable girls in Guatemala to participate in our Empower Me teen program. Due to poverty and limited resources, many teenage Guatemalan girls are sadly unable to complete their educations. Girls like Kathryn can face a lifetime of unemployment, with no safe environment in which […]

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On-Site Family Care Reopening in Xiaoxian, China

At LWB, we wholeheartedly believe that children belong in families. When we were approached last fall with the proposal to reopen the Xiaoxian On-site Family Care program inside the Xiaoxian orphanage, we enthusiastically said “yes!” Plans were made, apartments were cleaned and furnished, and our former on-site parents were asked to return. We are so […]

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The Gift of Family: India Foster Care

So many times, things that are “normal” or “routine” can be taken for granted or overlooked. The gift of a family is no different. Consider a child’s life without a family to support him or her.

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Three Brothers, Together Again in Foster Care

For a young child, the gift of a loving family is truly invaluable. In a perfect world, every child would be able to be raised within their biological family, but that is, unfortunately, not always a viable option. In these instances, the role of foster care becomes key. A loving foster care family provides stability, love, and a feeling of belonging for children whose biological families are no longer living or who are unable to provide for them due to any number of circumstances.  

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