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Tag: Down Syndrome

20 Years of Hope: Mason

All this year, as we celebrate 20 Years of Hope — LWB’s 20th anniversary — we will be sharing updates on some of the wonderful children this community has impacted over the last two decades. Today, we look back on a special little boy from our China Healing Home, and we give thanks for his […]

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20 Years of Hope: Oliver

Baby Oliver was born with Down syndrome in 2016, and his little heart was failing. Hope was also failing for his devoted parents as they tirelessly sought treatment for their beloved son. Oliver and his impoverished family touched many hearts in the LWB community when we ran a series of blogs on him and his […]

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Baby Joanna: Waiting for Heart Surgery

Baby Joanna is the youngest of three little ones in her family. Shortly after her birth, Joanna’s parents noticed that she struggled to breathe and had difficulty nursing. Initially, her parents’ concerns were dismissed by local health officials. Finally, at two months old, the doctors at a local hospital referred Joanna to the Uganda Heart Institute. Further testing there revealed […]

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On-Site Family Care Reopening in Xiaoxian, China

At LWB, we wholeheartedly believe that children belong in families. When we were approached last fall with the proposal to reopen the Xiaoxian On-site Family Care program inside the Xiaoxian orphanage, we enthusiastically said “yes!” Plans were made, apartments were cleaned and furnished, and our former on-site parents were asked to return. We are so […]

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7 Lives, 7 Days: Adrian and Jamal

Adrian and Jamal are two extra-special boys from Uganda with Down syndrome. Both just one year old, these sweet little guys need to travel to India for their life-saving heart surgeries, and we need your help to make it happen during this week’s 7 Lives, 7 Days campaign!

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Healing Home Transformations: Jerome and Palmer

In late 2017, an orphanage contacted us about Jerome, a tiny baby with Down syndrome who was failing to thrive. He had pressure sores on his head and was so malnourished that his stomach was distended. We rushed Baby Jerome to the hospital where he was found to have a hole in his heart. He spent two months in the hospital struggling to become strong enough for surgery. Once he did have surgery, he had a difficult recovery since he was so frail.

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