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Sunny: A Journey of Love

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Sunny’s early life was difficult and lonely. She lived with her mother at a pagoda in Cambodia, where her mom spent her days begging from religious pilgrims and tourists. 

In this very dangerous and crowded environment, Sunny was sometimes left on her own without adult supervision. At risk for being trafficked, she was out late at night and near busy traffic. Eventually, Sunny was taken to live with her mom’s family near Poipet. 

Cambodian girl in front of a green wall

In April of this year, Sunny’s family enrolled her in LWB’s Believe in Me Rangsei School, part of our Cambodia education programs. Because of her early challenges and lack of schooling, Sunny was behind academically and unable to attend school with her grade level.

Thanks to our “Catch Up Class” at Believe in Me Rangsei, Sunny was able to join other children who had also missed out on their early years of schooling and begin her education at last.

This special Catch Up Class makes it possible for older children to learn the basic academic skills necessary to join their peers in school. When Sunny first began in Catch Up Class, she was unable to read or write. She didn’t even know the letters. 

During the past six months at our school, Sunny has made great progress in her educational journey.

She has learned to read and write and is getting better and faster each day. Now, she is able to solve problems on the board in front of her classmates and is growing in confidence.

Cambodian girl writing at school

After passing the entry test, Sunny has joined her peers in Grade 5! She is so proud of this accomplishment and looks forward to progressing even further.

Cambodian girl reading at school

Sunny has made a huge journey this year from living in an unsafe environment without hope for her future to being an excellent student with many possibilities ahead.

Cambodian girl eating lunch with meals in the background

But Sunny’s journey is not over yet. She’s excited for an even brighter future. She hopes to see new places, experience new things, and make more friends. We are grateful to the LWB community for making it possible for Sunny to receive the education she needed. 

This holiday season, join us on a journey of love and give the lasting gift of education to a child in need.

Join Us on a Journey of Love
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