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Standing with Mothers: Meet Rory

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All this week, we’re raising funds for our Unity Initiative, which provides essential medical care for children whose impoverished families cannot afford their surgeries. Today we’d like to introduce you to nine-month-old Rory, whose life now depends on the kindness of strangers.

Little Rory was born in a small village in eastern China. Ten days after he arrived into the world, he became extremely ill. His parents, who never received much schooling, struggled to understand all the medical terms the doctor was describing, but they clearly heard that their baby would not survive without an operation on his heart which they could never afford. Their joy over the birth of their son quickly turned to despair.

Any of us put into their situation would feel the exact same anguish.

Just last week, we received their application for our Unity Initiative asking us to please accept baby Rory for surgery.

Dear LWB,

We’re a poor family. My father passed away when I was very young. My mother raised me alone, so the sense of family means a lot to us. My son’s coming into our family brought so much happiness. After learning of his heart, I now pray for a miracle to happen every day. Seeing my son’s natural smiles, how I wish to give him a healthy and happy future. Dear LWB, I plead with you to extend your hands to help us. Help my son to get the surgery and live like a normal child.

Rory has the type of love that every child on earth deserves. This love is why we are standing with the moms like his who refuse to give up hope that their children’s lives can be saved.

LWB continually receives new applications to our Unity Initiative from parents who are desperately searching for healing for their children.

Our goal this week is to raise enough Unity Initiative funding to help 20 more waiting children receive the surgeries they need.

Will you join with us to say an enormous “YES” to baby Rory?  A donation of any amount will bring hope not only to his family but to so many other parents and their children who are anxiously waiting as well.

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