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Standing with Mothers: Cleft Surgeries

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Every year from 2004 to 2019, LWB sent a team of doctors overseas to help provide surgery for children born with cleft lip and palate. We’ve always been passionate about helping children born with this medical condition, and so we were of course disappointed when our 2020 cleft surgery trip to India had to be canceled due to COVID.

Over the years, we’ve met so many amazing mothers on these trips. They often travel hundreds of miles to see our team to make sure their children receive surgery.

Our last two cleft exchanges were held in Lanzhou, China, a city in the western province of Gansu. Our medical teams loved working with the local surgeons here, sharing best practices and exchanging ideas to provide the highest quality care to the children.

Last year, we signed a new agreement with Gansu Provincial Hospital to help even more children living in the rural regions of the province. Because they live in poverty, many of the children born with cleft have waited a very long time for their operations.

The hospital asked if we could possibly help ten children per month receive surgery in 2021. We promised to do our very best, as we’ve seen firsthand the joy in a mother’s heart following a cleft lip operation when she knows her child now has a chance to be accepted by the local community.

All this week, we’re raising funds for our life-changing Unity Initiative which provides essential surgeries for children. We’ve set a big goal:  to say YES to the next ten children with cleft and the next ten children born with heart defects whose parents cannot afford their needed medical care. As of tonight, we have raised 45% of the amount needed.

There are so many impoverished mothers right now desperately wanting help for their sons and daughters born with medical needs. Will you join with us to bring peace to their hearts?

Together we can provide crucial healing to the children they love.

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