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What It Means to Sponsor a Child

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Founded in 2003, Love Without Boundaries continues to provide opportunities to sponsor a child in need. We provide life-changing medical care, operate schools, run well-monitored foster homes, and supply quality nutrition to orphaned and impoverished children. Our programs work together to best meet the needs of children entrusted to our care and are only possible thanks to your support.

One of the most impactful ways individuals can support our work is to sponsor a child. This language may be familiar, but what does it really mean to sponsor a child? We’d like to highlight some of the ways in which you can support a child in a Love Without Boundaries (LWB) program and what sponsorship truly provides for a child.

Opportunities to sponsor a child’s education

When you sponsor a child’s education, you are helping an orphaned or impoverished child attend school in their community. While many countries offer high-quality public education, education in other countries is not always free or accessible to all children. Love Without Boundaries believes that education is one of the keys to breaking the cycle of poverty. Through our education program, we provide access to education for vulnerable children who otherwise would have little hope for the future.

Why sponsor a child’s education?

  • To help pay for tuition as not all countries offer free public school education
  • To provide uniforms, books, backpacks, and school supplies
  • To give the student safe transportation to and from school — whether it is a bike, bus, or tuk-tuk
  • To provide enrichment opportunities such as art and music classes, computer literacy, and school libraries

In what countries do we have education programs?

Opportunities to sponsor a child in foster care

One of our core beliefs at Love Without Boundaries Foundation is that every child deserves a family. Family care is proven to lead to better emotional and physical development for children than institutional care. With this in mind, we have established in-country foster care programs in China, Cambodia, India, and Uganda. When you sponsor a child in foster care, orphaned and at-risk children can experience the love of a family.

Why sponsor a child in foster care?

  • Sponsors provide support to the foster family to provide housing, clothing, and good nutrition
  • Sponsorships cover preventative medical care
  • Educational costs are covered by sponsorships including uniforms, books, and supplies
Boy and foster mom talking in Uganda

In what countries do we have foster care programs?

  • In China, we work collaboratively with orphanages to transition children into caring and supportive families living in specially remodeled apartments within the orphanage.
  • In Cambodia, LWB provides foster care for orphaned and abandoned children. Additionally, our Safe Haven Foster Care Program provides care for children who have been trafficked or severely abused.
  • LWB is participating in a foster care project in rural Odisha. You can sponsor a child to transition orphaned children from institutional care to families in the local community.
  • We are one of the first charities in Uganda to implement home-based care for orphaned and abandoned children and now have thriving foster care programs in both Mukono and Pakwach.

Opportunities to sponsor a child in a healing home

A healing home is a place where medically fragile children receive full-time, specialized care. LWB’s Healing Homes Program helps orphaned and abandoned children in China and India with a wide variety of medical issues. When you sponsor a child who lives in our healing homes, you’re ensuring that they are monitored closely by medical staff and receive the highest level of care available.

What does sponsoring a child in a healing home provide?

  • Full-time nannies well-educated in caring for children with medical challenges
  • Specialized formula and nutrition as well as daily meals
  • Medical and rehabilitative care
  • Diapers, clothing, toys, and books
  • Medications
  • Occasional field trips

Where does LWB have healing homes?

  • Our Anhui Healing Home in China is located inside a major rehabilitation hospital. When you sponsor a child, physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments are provided to children who have been identified as benefiting from additional services.
  • Our Heartbridge Healing Home in China is in a satellite branch near a major rehabilitation hospital. When you sponsor a child, specialized care allows medically challenged children to gain weight and strength before life-saving operations and to recover post-op in a safe and loving environment.
  • Our Pari Healing Home in India houses children with HIV who have been abandoned or relinquished through this full-time care project. The children receive not only the medical care and nutrition needed because of a sponsor, but they also receive emotional and educational support to improve the quality of their lives.

Opportunities to sponsor a child’s medical care

Since 2003, LWB’s Medical Care Program has provided surgeries and medical care for thousands of orphaned and impoverished children in countries around the world. Our child sponsorship goal is to provide the highest quality care for the children who come into our hands.

Baby in pink after heart surgery

Sponsor a child and support these types of treatments and surgeries:

  • Heart surgery
  • Cleft lip and palate repair
  • Hernia repair and other general surgeries
  • Colorectal repairs
  • Tumor and neurologic issues
  • Preemie care
  • Orthopedic care and evaluation

What makes LWB different from other charities?

Our innovative Unity Initiative prevents future abandonment by desperate families who have no way to afford the medical care their children need. When you sponsor a child, you are partnering with local hospitals. LWB is committed to standing with impoverished families as they seek hope and healing for their precious sons and daughters.

Opportunities to sponsor a child’s nutrition

Hunger and malnutrition are serious issues in the difficult places in which we work, and we’re committed to helping children in our programs lead the healthiest lives possible through our nutrition program.

Baby with cleft lip cleft bottle

What does sponsoring a child’s nutrition provide?

  • Emergency food relief for families impacted by the pandemic
  • Infant and specialty formula for babies in our healing homes
  • Nutritional support for babies and toddlers living in hard places such as a slum or landfill
  • A daily meal and snacks for children attending our Believe in Me Schools, many of whom are chronically malnourished

You can make a real difference when you sponsor a child in any of the ways described here. Sponsorships may be a one-time donation or a monthly donation. LWB sends regular updates and photos to all child sponsors, and we are always happy to connect with our sponsors to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

We simply cannot do the work that we do without the help of our generous community of sponsors and are so grateful for supporters who stand with vulnerable children in great need.

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