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Share Your Heart With Valerie

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Valerie is the beloved baby in a family of five children. She was born with VSD and PDA heart defects, as well as Down syndrome.

When her mother learned of her youngest’s difficult diagnosis, she was overcome with sadness and worry. She feared for Valerie’s life, for how and where they could even get the complicated surgery in Uganda, and for how she would pay for it. As the single mother of five, including one three-year-old with heart disease, Valerie’s mom is busy raising her children and is unable to work.

Desperate to find help, she went to a popular Ugandan television company with a plea for help. She received a few shillings, but her fragile hopes were crushed when she then never heard from them again. They were back to square one, and Valerie was becoming weaker each day.

Valerie’s mom has no income and a very sick child who needs expensive medication and care. We are so grateful that at one of their hospital visits, a nurse suggested reaching out to Love Without Boundaries.

We’ve agreed to help make this surgery happen, which has restored the hope of a very anxious mother. The wait, as you might imagine, has been long and laden with worry. She’s ready for her much-loved daughter to finally have the surgery that she needs to live.

Because the one cardiac hospital in Uganda is unable to do Valerie’s high-risk surgery, we hope to send her with our upcoming travel group of little ones bound from Uganda to Amrita Hospital in India. This week’s Share Your Heart Campaign is a request for our community to rally for Valerie and the other three children. As of today, just 55% of the costs of Valerie’s heart surgery and travel have been raised. We need to have the funds raised by Sunday at midnight in order to begin making visa applications and travel arrangements.

Will you rally? Will you help us cover the remainder of the costs of Valerie’s essential surgery?

  • Share Your Heart With Valerie — Give to Help Her Have Heart Surgery
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