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Share Your Heart With Luke

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When little Luke was having breathing difficulties that were not improving, it was assumed that he had pneumonia. Upon examination, doctors soon realized that his labored breathing was a symptom of something far more serious.

Their six-month-old baby boy’s struggle to breathe was due to a significant problem with his tiny heart. His parents were devastated by this unexpected news.

When a cardiologist informed the family that Luke would need complicated heart surgery to live, Luke’s dad broke down in tears. Following that first difficult blow came another:  the cost of his operation and care would be impossibly high.

The family’s only choice was to look for help to afford his surgery. After reaching out to many friends, their search finally and thankfully led them to Love Without Boundaries.

Luke’s father wrote to us about his son, requesting help for their beloved, fragile-hearted little boy. He shared that the thought of losing him is more than his own heart can bear.

Luke’s mom and dad work very hard to provide for their family, but they still find it difficult to make ends meet due to the amount of extra care their son needs. Luke’s father works as a driver, and his mom runs a small retail shop. Unfortunately, the shop is often closed because Luke is so frequently sick and in the hospital.

Luke’s mom loves her precious son fiercely. She spends many sleepless nights awake with Luke as he struggles to breathe. As parents of children with severe medical conditions understand, this takes both a physical and emotional toll, and she desperately longs for permanent healing for her son.

As the baby of the family, Luke is adored by his three older siblings. Since he is sick so often, they all worry about their brother. They want him to grow and be strong so they can play together.

When he is feeling well, Luke is an incredibly happy child. But his tiny body works so hard to compensate for his weak heart that he’s left lethargic and needing to be held. His appetite is also poor, which has made it difficult for him to gain weight and grow.

Luke’s broken heart is felt by his entire family. Life has been on hold and full of anguish. They’ve waited a long time for healing.

With your help, we can provide a way for Luke to receive the life-saving heart surgery that he so badly needs. Because of the complexity of his defect, his surgery cannot be done in his home country of Uganda, and we hope to send Luke to a hospital in India with a travel group of other fragile children as soon as April.

As of today, the amount we need to raise to cover the costs of Luke’s surgery is $13,415. Would you be willing to make a gift in any amount to help cover the cost of his medical care? Together, we can give him the hope of a healed heart and the chance for a long, healthy life.

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