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Rhonda and LWB’s Unity Initiative in China

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Rhonda’s parents met when they were both working far from home as migrant workers in China. Her father came from an impoverished farming family and worked for years to repay his family’s debt. He was proud that he was beginning to get back on his feet. Expecting a baby added to his and his wife’s excitement for the future.

When Baby Rhonda arrived in the world, she was weak and fussy. Doctors diagnosed her with VSD and PFO heart defects and pulmonary hypertension. Her parents were devastated but determined to help their daughter.

Parents holding baby girl in red coat in China

The cost of Rhonda’s medications was high, and Rhonda’s father fell back into debt despite his hard work. When doctors advised surgery for his precious daughter as soon as possible, he felt lost. Thankfully he learned of LWB and applied for help from our Unity Initiative. Rhonda’s surgery went well, and she recovered beautifully. We were honored to stand with Rhonda’s family in their time of need.

Baby in yellow hat being held in mom's arms

Since our founding in 2003, China has been central to our work as an international charity. This holiday season, we have some exciting news to celebrate: LWB’s registration to help orphaned and impoverished children in China has been renewed for another five years! We’re one of just a very few foreign charities still allowed to provide aid for children here, and we never take that for granted as it will allow us to continue to help children like Rhonda.

Smiling baby in China

Thank you for believing with us that every child counts and is worthy of dignity and healing, refuge and love.

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