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20 Years of Hope: Sampson

In the fall of 2016, we were first introduced to a solemn little boy who lived along the border region of Cambodia and Thailand. At just two years of age, Sampson had already lived through more sorrow than any toddler should have to experience. His father died when he was just a baby, leaving him […]

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20 Years of Hope: Sallie

In December 2019, a young couple in Uganda was overjoyed to successfully deliver twin babies, a precious boy and girl. Very quickly, however, it became apparent that their infant daughter Sallie was not well. She became increasingly listless and struggled to feed. At nine months of age, Sallie weighed just 8.8 pounds, while her twin […]

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20 Years of Hope: Mya

In January 2018, LWB was contacted by an orphanage that had just received a newborn baby in critical condition. Baby Mya was severely dehydrated and struggling to breathe. We immediately rushed her to a top children’s hospital where she was diagnosed with a condition known as Esophageal Atresia (EA). EA is a rare congenital birth […]

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20 Years of Hope: Harley and James

All this year, as we celebrate 20 Years of Hope — LWB’s 20th anniversary — we will be sharing updates on some of the wonderful children this community has impacted over the last two decades. Today, we look back on a very special set of twins who touched our hearts completely. In the fall of […]

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Welcoming the Year of the Rabbit

The Year of the Rabbit has arrived! Some of the older residents of our China Healing Home welcomed the lunar new year by putting on festive and furry rabbit-themed coats and celebrating in a local park. Their shenanigans are sure to bring a smile! Kolby got into the spirit of the new year by pretending […]

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LWB Celebrates 20 Years of Hope!

A very special anniversary is taking place this week. Twenty years ago, on January 19th, I visited my youngest daughter’s orphanage in China for the very first time. What I didn’t know then as I stepped into that eerily silent facility filled with hundreds of abandoned children is that my life would be forever changed.

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Help a Child in Guatemala

Guatemala is a beautiful country in Central America that is deeply impacted by severe poverty. Child labor is common, with many children not receiving an education. Only 4% of children living in rural regions will ever graduate high school. Guatemala also has a very high rate of malnutrition, with one of two children suffering stunting […]

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