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On-Site Family Care Reopening in Xiaoxian, China

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At LWB, we wholeheartedly believe that children belong in families. When we were approached last fall with the proposal to reopen the Xiaoxian On-site Family Care program inside the Xiaoxian orphanage, we enthusiastically said “yes!”

Foster mom with toddler

Plans were made, apartments were cleaned and furnished, and our former on-site parents were asked to return. We are so happy that these dedicated foster parents also said “yes!” to continuing the important work of providing attention, nurture, and nutrition to orphaned children.

In late November of 2021, eight children were transferred from orphanage care into our two family care apartments on the orphanage grounds. Then in April, two more boys joined them when Jayson and Kasen graduated from our China Healing Home and were enthusiastically welcomed into our on-site families.

Foster mom with five children in China

In our first on-site apartment, little two-year-old Alia is the baby girl of the family.

Little girl in magenta

A trio of three-year-old boys also live in this home: Jayce, Jayson, and Hayes.

Big brother Shane is nine and acts as a fantastic role model to his younger siblings.

Boy in Super Mario shirt

Our second on-site family apartment is home to little Kasen who is three years old, five-year-old Abel, and six-year-old Gracie.

Ten-year-old Roberta is the big sister of this group.

Girl in orange coat

All of the children get along well, and the older kids love to spend time together playing at home and at school.

Foster family in China

With this program heading into its ninth month, we are looking for monthly sponsors to help maintain our China Family Care program now and in the future. A child sponsorship is $40 per month, and sponsors receive regular updates and photos of these incredible children. We also welcome general gifts of $25 or more.

Would you consider partnering with us to give these orphaned children the chance to live in a loving family as they deserve?

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