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Mercy: A Journey of Love, a Life Transformed

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Sweet Mercy had a very difficult start in life. Mercy and her five siblings faced threats and violence in their home. After their father left, Mercy’s mother struggled greatly to provide for the children.

5 Cambodian Children inside with food

Then tragedy struck. One day while she searched for seashells to sell, one of Mercy’s siblings drowned in the water nearby. Desperate to find work to support her remaining five children, Mercy’s mother often crossed the Cambodian border to look for work in Thailand and left her children alone. Two years ago, authorities placed all five siblings into LWB’s foster care program.

5 children standing in front of a car

Initially, the children were frightened and withdrawn. Mercy changed very quickly, however, and became a joy to all those around her. She is strongly bonded to her foster family and has made friends with her classmates in our Believe in Me school.

Cambodian girl in preschool holding a doll

While in preschool, Mercy loved playing with the toys and dressing up in the costumes provided to the students.

Cambodian girl in green dress up costume
Cambodian girl on a tire swing

Now, almost two years later, Mercy is a delight to all who meet her. Four-year-old Mercy is doted on by her older siblings but also learning to be more independent.

Two Cambodian preschool children sitting side by side

She enters the classroom on her own and greets her teacher before promptly preparing to begin the school day. Mercy continues to make good academic progress, learning the basics in preparation for reading, writing and math.

Cambodian girl reading a book

An enthusiastic participant in class, she joins her classmates to sing songs and play games and eagerly raises her hand to answer questions.

Cambodian girl learning in preschool

Mercy cares deeply for others and recently shared that she wants to become a doctor when she gets older so that she can take care of others.

Cambodian girl with a toy stethoscope

We could not be prouder of this brave, kindhearted girl who has already overcome so much adversity in her young life to make a true journey of love.

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