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Meet Marcus and Mia

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This week, we are working to raise the funds for 60 precious children in Guatemala who have been waiting for their cleft repair surgery. As you may have heard, we’re sending a highly skilled team of surgeons and staff to Guatemala for the first time later this year. We’re so glad we can play a part in healing these children, but we need your help.

The children who are waiting for cleft surgeries come from families who lack the resources needed to pay for their child’s repair. Families, like those of little Marcus and sweet Mia, are overwhelmed by not being able to cover the costs of their child’s critical operation. Together, we can give them hope for a brighter future. 

Young mom holding baby boy with cleft lip in Guatemala

Marcus is the youngest of two boys, and his mother Rosa cares for them both at home. Since the start of COVID, the family had to move to another region in order to find work. As they do not speak the local dialect, it’s been a difficult adjustment.

At the time of Rosa’s ultrasound, there was no sign of Marcus’s cleft lip. When it became apparent he was cleft-affected after his birth, his family was scared about what the future may hold for him and the many challenges he would face having such a visible birth defect. Now that Marcus is on the schedule for surgery with LWB’s cleft team, Rosa is giving thanks that her son will be healed and has renewed hope for a healthier future. 

Baby boy with cleft lip in Guatemala

Mia’s family has had a very difficult year. Her father, Alex, works as a barber in another town and can only afford to visit once a week. Marguerite, her mother, lost her own mom just before Mia’s birth. Marguerite receives some help from her grandmother and her older sister, but daily life is challenging.

Mom in yellow shirt holding baby girl in Guatemala

Marguerite received the news of Mia’s cleft at her 7-month ultrasound. She had no idea how she could provide for the medical intervention that her unborn daughter would need. Now that Mia is on LWB’s surgery schedule, Marguerite is full of happiness and gratitude that Mia can be healed. She is looking forward to the future and building a better life by continuing her education and providing for Mia.

Mother holding baby girl with pigtails in Guatemala

The great news is that we’ve covered the costs for Marcus and Mia’s surgery through this week’s You Got A Smile So Bright campaign! However, as of right now, 44 cleft-affected children like them are still waiting for sponsors.

Thanks to an agreement reached with the hospital in Antigua and the generous donation of our cleft team’s time, each cleft surgery will cost just $600. Two $300 sponsors can cover the cost of an entire cleft surgery. Of course, we are grateful to receive one-time donations in any amount.

Will you please join us in standing with these little ones and their families? We’re so grateful for your consideration and hope you’ll help us to make the smiles of these children even brighter than they already are!

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