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Medically Vulnerable Children and the Importance of Nutrition

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We know that all children need good nutrition to grow and thrive, but did you know that a well-balanced diet is absolutely essential to the survival of medically vulnerable children? 

Without a proper diet, kids with special medical needs are at increased risk of illness and even death. That’s why we at LWB are committed to providing nutrition support to children with medical needs in our programs.

Little ones with heart conditions, like sweet Presley. When we first admitted Presley to our international cardiac program, she was extremely thin and weak. 

Thin Ugandan girl

Presley benefited from receiving quality formula for several months in anticipation of her life-saving heart surgery. Now that she has had a successful surgery, she will continue to have a healthy, well-balanced diet supported by LWB.

Uganda girl smiling after surgery

Little Izzy is another precious baby who received nutritional support from LWB so that he could receive heart surgery and then grow strong and healthy during his recovery.

We all rejoiced at the gains made by tiny Sunia when she gained the weight necessary to proceed with her surgery.

Ugandan girl before surgery in pink shirt

This beautiful girl, seen below after her surgery and nutritional support, is a true example of the difference that nutrition makes in healing a child.

Girl smiling after surgery

Another way that LWB is working to help medically vulnerable children is by providing food support to children living with HIV. 

Two girls carrying food on their heads in Uganda

A child with HIV must take antiretrovirals in order to stay well, and they often need to be taken with food. So many of these children face food insecurity each day and they sometimes go hungry. By stepping in to provide stable food to these children and their families, we can ensure regular use of antiretrovirals and a healthier future.

This week, we are working to raise funds to help ensure that no child in our programs goes hungry. In the case of children with medical needs, providing ample nutrition means providing a chance for healing. You can make a real difference in the life of a child today by providing a gift to our No Hungry Child campaign. A monthly sponsorship of $30 will provide a whole month of food to a child in great need.

Uganda girl in green

As of today, we have raised 20% of our fundraising goal for our No Hungry Child campaign. Your gift in any amount is so greatly appreciated and will make an immediate impact on the life of a medically vulnerable child.

Give to feed a medically vulnerable child
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