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Love for Leap Village

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The amazing LWB community has provided emergency food supplies to hungry children around the world for the past year. We have been so thankful to be able to bring essential and life-sustaining food to villages and orphanages most in need.

One of the extra blessings of having our teams go out to the most remote regions is that we are then able to identify other critical needs for children that we try our best to address.

When our team first went to Leap Village, a rural Cambodian village near the border of Thailand, they were surprised at how many landmines still cover the area. Each location with a suspected mine is marked by a red skull-and-crossbones sign.

Our team saw many marker poles for mines. Some signs were even in the yards where homes had been constructed.

As our team delivered essential food supplies to Leap Village, they learned that the children here had no steady access to clean water.

The only water source was this brown pond, which all the villagers used for cooking, washing, and sometimes even drinking.

We also learned that many of the children in Leap Village could not go to school as the nearest government school was just too far to walk.

Hooray for our caring supporters, who quickly stepped up to make two very important projects possible for the children of Leap Village:  access to both water and education.

First up was establishing a village well. We hired a hydrogeology company to make the several-hour journey out to Leap Village with digging equipment. 219 feet down, they hit wonderful clear water.

We’re sure you can imagine the excitement of the children when they realized that with a few pumps of the well handle, they could have all the water they needed to wash their clothes and bodies (and that first day, a lot of water play as well!)

When we went back the next week to recheck the water safety, the kids told us that having a well had changed everything in such a wonderful way.  Every child deserves access to water, and we’re so happy we could make that possible here.

The next issue we knew we wanted to help change was access to education. For children in rural regions, the simple purchase of a bicycle is sometimes the solution to helping a child get to school if the nearest government school is within 5 miles. This week, we were super excited to deliver bikes to the children of Leap Village. However, the children’s excitement at this special gift was even greater than our own.

Now every child in the village has the ability to reach school, and that’s certainly something to celebrate.

From food to water and now to education…we’re sharing YOUR love with the children of Leap Village.

Our thanks go out to everyone supporting our COVID emergency food relief efforts. We’re beyond grateful that this important project has had a ripple effect and allowed even more aid to reach children living in the most remote locations.

Would you like to be a part of our Relief Efforts?  Here’s how you can help:

  • Give to our Emergency Food Relief fund
  • Give to our Bikes for Cambodia Fund 
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