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Kirtan: A Journey of Love

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While we were delivering emergency food supplies to a rural village in India in 2021, we met a beautiful four-year-old girl named Kirtan.

Indian girl standing behind bars

Born with abdominal atresia, Kirtan was extremely ill. When we met her, she was suffering from dehydration and a severe E-coli infection that required an emergency admittance to the pediatric ICU.

While at the hospital to receive care, the doctors also found that the colostomy that Kirtan has had since birth was no longer functioning. Thankfully, they were able to surgically remedy that situation.

Indian child in hospital bed

Over the last year, Kirtan struggled with nonstop infections, but we never gave up on making sure she received all the surgeries needed for her condition.

Indian girl sitting in hospital chair

In September of this year, Kirtan underwent her final operation. We are so thankful our team found her when they did, because the world is definitely brighter with sweet Kirtan in it.

Girl from India standing on chair

Kirtan’s journey to healing was made possible by big-hearted supporters like you who believe that every child counts, and that every child deserves hope for a brighter future. Please consider a year-end gift to allow us to help more children like Kirtan in 2023.

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