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Kirstin: A Journey of Love

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Over two years ago, baby Kirstin was admitted to our Love Without Boundaries China Healing Home at just a few weeks old. Born with a hole in her heart, Kirstin was also suffering from pneumonia when she entered our care. 

Baby girl in China with pneumonia

As the days turned into weeks and then months, Kirstin grew stronger. The hole in her heart decreased in size, and eventually it closed entirely. 

Baby girl wearing pink

During this time, one of the nannies from our healing home developed a close, loving bond with Kirstin.

Baby girl with nanny

In July of this year, she and her husband adopted sweet Kirstin, becoming a family forever.  

Toddler girl in white shirt standing by black gate

Now two years old, Kirstin is a smart and very happy little girl, secure in the love of her parents. They recently sent us a video of Kirstin in her new home, singing the ABC song while they proudly cheer her on.

Thank you for making this journey of love possible for Kirstin!

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