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A Healing Home Field Trip

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Last week, some of the children from our Healing Home went on a field trip to an indoor play area at a big shopping mall with some volunteers. Due to COVID restrictions, this was the first play trip outside of the Healing Home that many of the children had ever been on. As you can see, they had a marvelous time making new friends, building confidence, and broadening their horizons!

Jerome was hesitant at first and wanted his caretaker to remain close.

As you can see, he really warmed up andĀ got into the fun of shoveling sand pellets!

Elena was content to sit quietly with her caretaker and play with her shovel.

Lucas was very good at using the tools!

Harland was deep in concentration as he considered what to build.

After building time, HarlandĀ moved on to riding the rocking puppy!

Macy loved her time in the “sandbox”.

Then she had the very new experience of finding herself in a sea of plastic balls!

Jayson and his caretaker loved playing together in the ball pit as well.

These two new friends had the best time cuddling together and enjoying the play area!

Kolby worked very hard to fill up his bucket with pellets and was proud to show off his handiwork.

Meredith also worked diligently to fill up a wheelbarrow with pellets.

Next, she decided to challenge herself with the climbing wall. We are so proud of how strong she has become!

Tobias took a little while to warm up, but then he decided he really liked exploring the toys and cars with his caretaker. He was beaming by the end of the field trip!

We are so grateful to everyone who supports our Healing Home program for orphaned children. You are helping build loving memories for some truly wonderful kids.

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