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Give Light to a Child in Ukraine

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Just over five years ago, one of our LWB volunteers sent me an email about an innovative solar light she had discovered, that gives up to 12 hours of light after being charged by the sun. She thought they’d be useful in the remote regions where we work since many villages have no electricity. We contacted the company, Solight Design, and thanks to your support soon placed our first order. 

Girl in Cambodia holding a solar light

Since that time, we’ve distributed thousands of these wonderful SolarPuff lights to children and families in Cambodia, India, Guatemala, and Uganda…and we are continually asked for more. Why? Because THESE LIGHTS WORK. They’re bright, waterproof, durable, and SUSTAINABLE. 

I bought several of the lights myself, back in 2017, and they still work as perfectly now as they did on day one. For families around the world who truly live in darkness when the sun goes down, we are often told these lights are their most prized possession.

Boy in Cambodia doing homework with a solar light

Today, on Giving Tuesday, we are once again partnering with Solight to bring light to children in need. This time, however, we are purchasing lights for war-impacted children in Ukraine. 

In the small town of Lviv, there has been a migration of refugees fleeing from the frontline regions of war. Power stations have been bombed, and blackouts are common. The Lviv Regional Children’s Hospital is currently housing hundreds of children, most of them refugees. Many of the children are suffering from PTSD and grappling with the trauma of air raids and bombings. Most have arrived at the hospital after very difficult journeys, leaving behind fathers, friends, pets, and all they have known. As you can imagine, darkness only adds to their fear.

Girl wrapped in a blanket holds a solar light

During December, in partnership with LWB, the head of Solight, Alice Chun, will be personally delivering SolarPuff lights to the children in Lviv Children’s Hospital. While we don’t have ongoing programs in Ukraine, when we were asked to help with this particular project, we knew we needed to act. I’ve seen firsthand, over and over again, the joy that comes to a child’s face when they push the button on these magical lights. Their faces light up with wonder as the room lights up with a comforting glow.

Girl in parka holding a solar light

This Giving Tuesday, I invite you to purchase a light for a child in Ukraine. Your gift of $15 will purchase one SolarPuff light, brightening the dark for children who have lost so much.  

With a grateful heart,

~Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer

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