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Gabby Gives Back

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Sixteen years ago, Gabby McElwain was born in China and then taken to an orphanage. LWB had recently set up foster care in her city, and we were very happy when she could move into a wonderful foster family instead of being confined to an orphanage crib.

Gabby being held by LWB team member Arlene Howard

For over a year, she experienced the love of a family who cared for and cherished her.

Gabby grew strong and confident in the arms of her foster family. Then, when she was two years old, she met her permanent family and moved to the United States!

In late 2020, LWB received a card from Gabby with an update. Born without fingers on her right hand, she tells us that she chose to have nine surgeries on her hand to allow her to grip things.

Now a sophomore in high school, Gabby is a straight-A student who plays the violin, runs cross country, and competes on her school’s golf and bowling teams.

Besides writing to give us an update on how she was doing, Gabby wanted to let us know that she has decided to give back. Her family regularly tithes 10% of their income. Since she recently turned 16 and has begun working, Gabby is excited to give 10% of her income to help children in need in LWB programs.

Gabby ended her card to us by saying, “I appreciate all that you do for the children in China. I was one of them. Thank you.”

Thank you, Gabby, for your generous heart for giving. You are truly an inspiration!

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