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Five Little Heart Patients Travel from Uganda to India

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Yesterday, five little Uganda heart patients boarded a plane and traveled to India to prepare for life-saving cardiac surgeries that are unavailable to them in their home country. Their parents have spent the past few months gathering medical reports, passports, visas, and taking COVID tests. We hope you’ll follow along with us for the next few weeks as we get to know these heart warriors and their stories.

RUTHIE:  One-year-old Ruthie was born with a transitional AV canal defect. Her mom is a hairdresser and enjoys braiding Ruthie’s hair with beautiful braids and beads.

Recently, Ruthie has been in and out of the hospital due to her heart condition, so everyone is very thankful that she will have her surgery very soon.

SHARON:  When four-year-old Sharon’s mom was taking her to an appointment with the cardiologist in Uganda, she happened to sit next to the mother of another child, Jeremiah, who was being helped by Love Without Boundaries. (You might remember that Jeremiah recently returned from India after having successful heart surgery).

Not long after, Sharon was accepted into LWB’s program for heart surgery to repair her VSD, PDA, and cleft mitral valve.

Meet IZZY, who recently celebrated his first birthday!

It has been a year of big transitions for Izzy’s family who not only moved but also welcomed their first child, born with Down Syndrome and a complex heart condition. Izzy’s mom sends her deepest thanks to everyone who has made it possible for her son to receive heart surgery for his AV canal defect.

COLE:  At just 10 days old, Baby Cole’s mom brought him to the heart hospital in Uganda. As the doctors delivered the news about her baby’s need for heart surgery to repair his VSD, ASD, and PDA, Cole’s mom felt such despair.

On her journey home, she met a woman who also had a child with a heart condition who gave her Love Without Boundaries’ information. Sadly, her phone was stolen and the contact information was lost. After an internet search, we at last connected with one another. We are so glad that Cole will soon receive his much-needed surgery.

Tiny EMMALYN is just three months old and was born to a family of farmers. Emmalyn was born with Down Syndrome and an AV canal defect that needs to be repaired.

When Emmalyn’s mom learned of her baby’s need for surgery, she asked her friends if they knew of anyone who could help. A friend of a friend told Emmalyn’s family about LWB, and we’re so happy to be able to help Baby Emmalyn with her heart surgery.

Each accompanied by one parent, these children arrived at the airport in Kampala to prepare for their journey of healing.  Sharon shyly cuddled up with her dad as they waited to board.

Izzy and Emmalyn waited patiently with their moms.

Cole and Ruthie eyed each other up. We think these two will become great playmates over the next few weeks!

Thank you so much for your support for each of these children. On behalf of their parents, we pass along their deepest gratitude for making it possible for their children to receive their life-changing heart surgeries.

Would you like to be part of this journey of healing? Cole and Emmalyn are still in need of funding to cover their travel and medical costs, and donations may be made here. No gift is too small to make a difference!

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