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Feeding Rena and Her Brothers

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Rena’s story is a very difficult one. Left with no care and no food at six years old, she became the primary caregiver to her younger siblings.

Girl in red shirt holding baby brother

When our Cambodia team discovered Rena and her three younger brothers, they were extremely malnourished with signs of kwashiorkor, a severe protein malnutrition. A telltale sign of kwashiorkor is dark hair that is stripped of color and looks blonde or orange.

Cambodian girl holding baby

Rena was trying her best to care for her younger brothers but with no food, let alone formula, her only option was to feed the baby water to fill his tummy and quiet his cries. 

Fortunately, Rena’s story didn’t end there. Thanks to the amazing generosity of this LWB community, Rena and her brothers received the nutrition they so desperately needed as well as support from our local Cambodia team. It was just the beginning of a new and beautiful chapter.

Sister and three little brothers holding stuffed animals

Now Rena and her brothers have access to education, healthy nutritious meals each day, and the loving care that every child deserves and needs in order to grow and thrive.

Girl in blue uniform holding baby brother

This week, we are asking you to consider giving to our No Hungry Child campaign to help us feed some of the most vulnerable children and their families. A nutritious meal costs just $0.50. For a gift of $30, you can feed a child like Rena for a whole month.

Cambodian girl in school uniform

Thank you for being a part of this community that provides for some of the most vulnerable children around the world. We can only do this work with your help, and we are forever grateful.

Donate to our No Hungry Child campaign to help vulnerable children
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