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Enormous Need and Extraordinary Gratitude: Food Relief in Uganda

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Since April of 2020, our LWB teams around the world have been both honored and humbled to bring much-needed food relief to children and families who are suffering greatly from the ongoing impacts of COVID.

In Uganda, the many stories of both enormous need and extraordinary gratitude have left a permanent mark on the hearts of our staff in Uganda as well as our team members in the US and beyond. We want to share just a few here with you to show the need and resilience of the families we’ve been able to help so far.

Rose is a blind widow who lives with her granddaughter in the hut below.

When our team delivered food to them, they were surviving by eating grass. Rose was so very thankful, she offered a message to those who made the food delivery possible:

May God abundantly bless the hands of those who gave the food, so that they can keep on helping many and many more hungry people like me.

Teachers in Uganda are in a very difficult situation. Many have been out of work without pay during the school closures. Our team was able to identify teachers who have been struggling to put food on the table.

One of those teachers is Barnabas, an out-of-work, secondary teacher. Barnabas was sleeping on the ground with his wife and children, as they are too poor to buy a bed. He had been without income for some time when our team arrived with food staples. He was extremely grateful to receive the food relief.

Just as teachers have been devastated during the school closures, so too have those individuals who work in education-related jobs. Margaret is a widow and earns a living as a seamstress making school uniforms.

With schools closed, Margaret received no uniform orders for over a year which meant that she was unable to provide for the eight children in her care. Her family was in great need when our team delivered emergency food, and she expressed her heartfelt thanks.

Our Uganda team leaders shared another story that really touched us all. They learned of many HIV-positive children who were unable to take their medication because it must be taken with food. Because they lacked food, these children could not take their life-saving treatments. Delivering food to these special children meant so much to the impacted families and our LWB family as well.

This LWB community has made this relief possible, and we can never thank you enough. This week, we are raising funds to bring more food to those who are hurting around the world. Our BIG, audacious goal is to raise $75,000 to feed 7,500 families who are in need right now. As of this morning, over $52,000 has been raised in just the past four days! Can you please help us meet our goal? Your gift of $50 will feed a family of five for an entire month.

We invite you to join us in delivering HOPE to those who are experiencing hunger. Your support truly makes a difference!

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