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Emergency Food Relief Continues in India and Cambodia

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COVID continues to rage in India, and many children and families there are going hungry. We have been making regular deliveries of emergency food relief to areas in which we work.

Ten-year-old Nidra lives with her parents in West Bengal. Pre-COVID, her father was a tailor, but the orders for new work have slowed dramatically during the pandemic. A recent cyclone destroyed this family’s entire house, her father’s sewing machine, and material, and the influx of saltwater ruined the ponds that the family used for fishing. The one month of emergency food relief that our India team delivered to Nidra’s family provided extreme relief.

Families without government ID aren’t eligible for government rations and have been struggling to find food.

With the help of a partner organization, essential food supplies were recently delivered to some families in dire straights in this region.

We were happy to be able to deliver basic food supplies to 52 children living in an orphanage where they have not been able to have a cooked meal in quite a while due to lack of oil.

Little Lopa was thrilled at the prospect of a hot meal!

In Cambodia, our teams have continued to deliver food to families who have been severely impacted by COVID. While our primary schools have been shut down due to rising infection rates in the nearest city, we received special permission from the government to continue our critical hot lunch program for the children in both Sokhem and Vithu villages.

Ten children in our Vithu Village program are not being fed in the evenings, so we have just begun a dinner program that includes fresh fruit for them.

When schools shut down, we have unfortunately seen a real decline in the health of our students who live at the landfill.

As you can see, these children live in very difficult conditions. Attending school and receiving a daily hot lunch is a true escape from the realities of life in a landfill, and we can’t wait until these students can return to our classrooms.

In the meantime, we have begun a weekly nutrition project that includes lots of vegetables and proteins to boost their overall health.

Everyone is working very hard to make sure that the progress we’ve made fighting chronic malnutrition in our rural programs can continue in spite of the pandemic. Your gift of $40 will feed an entire family for one month; however, donations in any amount are greatly appreciated. Thank you for standing with us in our belief that Every Child Counts!

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