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Destiny: A Journey of Love

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When Baby Destiny first came into our care a year ago at six months of age, she was suffering from severe acute malnutrition and anemia and was overdue for immunizations. She needed immediate intervention and healing, and so began her journey of love.

Baby Ugandan girl in gold onesie

Our LWB Uganda team placed Destiny in a wonderful foster family that already had several girls. She now has many “little mothers” and is the apple of everyone’s eyes!

Ugandan foster sisters smiling

When Destiny’s foster siblings are at school, she spends her day with her foster father. They spend lots of quality time together and have an incredibly strong bond.

Ugandan girl sits on foster dad's lap

Usually, Destiny eats meals with her foster mom but then rushes to her foster dad when she is done eating. Her foster mother tells our team that Destiny is not picky. This once malnourished girl now has a healthy appetite and eats everything that is served to her.

Baby girl sucking on fingers

Destiny is the pride and joy of her family, and each milestone she reaches is a reason for celebration. She is now trying to pronounce the names of her siblings and even some items in the house.

Ugandan girl showing two bottom teeth

Her family calls her “Smile Bearer” because she is so quick to smile when anyone gives her attention.  This past year, Destiny has gained over 15 pounds and is the picture of good health.

Ugandan baby girl in pink cap crawling towards camera

Destiny is thriving and developing quickly. Thanks to her loving family and the generous support of this community, she continues to reach developmental milestones and has a healthy, happy life with a bright future ahead.

Uganda girl in green with a lollipop

During this past year of Destiny’s life, she has gone on a real journey of love. Her foster mom, dad, and sisters have ensured that this once-sickly and neglected baby girl is now well cared for and full of smiles. The kindness of supporters like you has changed her life for the better.

With your help, we can provide family-based care and refuge to more children like Destiny. Please consider a gift to give vulnerable children like her the care and love that they deserve!

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