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Delivering Hope to Hungry Villages

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At the start of this week’s Emergency Food Relief campaign, and over the last 18 months of the pandemic, we have shared stories of the many children and families in our country program locations who are desperate for food. The heartwrenching circumstances have been our motivation to continue doing all that we possibly can to help, and it is the reason we set our most recent and ambitious goal of raising $75,000 to help those in urgent need of nutrition.

But the stories don’t end there. Our teams have learned firsthand that by delivering food, we are also delivering hope. This is so clearly the case in the villages in Cambodia, where our LWB leaders have witnessed the immediate difference that food makes for those who are most vulnerable.

It’s made a difference for those in a remote village, cut off from food and water during the current lockdowns, who now have basic food staples and clean water to drink.

It’s made a difference for the grandparents struggling to care for their grandchildren, who since receiving emergency food have planted a new garden and started a charcoal business to sustain their large family.

It’s made a difference for the mother who is desperately trying to provide for her six children at home after her husband and oldest son left to try and find work across the border and never returned.

It is HOPE that inspires us to continue. Through your generous support, we are honored to deliver food and the HOPE of a brighter tomorrow to those in great need.

We are so grateful for this LWB community that has made it all possible. Thank you!

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